The Patent Pending MODS (Mobile Onsite Detection Systems) is a never-before seen, comprehensive, all-in-one solution that enables automated, touchless, and even un-manned, screening of persons for entry into secured premises. It is “The Only Self-Contained, Touchless, Premises Entry System” which can be deployed in remote locations.


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Key Features:

● Units are portable, self-contained, and customizable containers that are easily transportable from venue to                   venue using conventional trucking methods.

● Units are ADA compliant.

● Each unit integrates multi-sensor threat detection technology provided by Patriot One Technologies.

     * MSG (Multi Sensor Gateway) offering detection of concealed weapons.

     * VRS-W (Video Recognition System Weapons) for automated recognition of exposed weapons.

     * VRS-T (Video Recognition System Thermal) for detecting elevated body temperatures.

     * VRS-HS (Video Recognition System Health Safety) for detecting facial mask compliance.

● Each unit lane can be equipped with touchless ticketing integration.

     * Creating a safer, stress-free experience for guests, eliminating points of physical contact when selling,                          scanning, and accepting payments for your venues.


● Each unit lane will Identify any person who may be suspected of carrying  a weapon, or is ill, or may otherwise             not be qualified to enter a venue and notifies local and/or remote personnel for action.

● Platform employs a comprehensive monitoring and notification system that identifies and tracks any screened             person that triggers an alert. The mobile app or downloadable computer application notifies app users of alerts         and sends video feeds of the person associated

Solutions for your industry


● Such full automation can reduce the number of, or in some instances eliminate, staff needed to manage the                 clearance and entry process.

● Automation also will substantially speed up the screening process; reducing long bottlenecks when large numbers     of entrants wish to enter at the same time.

● Multi-threat screening technologies, powered by artificial intelligence software, substantially advances the state of     the art; reducing and in some cases eliminating the need for humans to make critical safety decisions.

● Removing humans from the decision-making screening process eliminates any risk of profiling, whether racial,             ethnic, or otherwise, that may not be eliminated in human-based screening processes.

● Security Staffing is cut by 30% in most situations. ● Unit may be delivered with customized wrap or theme.

● Custom Facade available.

● Units will reduce annual overall insurance costs.

  • Festivals

  • Fairgrounds

  • Concerts 

  • Sports

  • Arenas

  • Military

  • Convention Centers

  • Theme Parks

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